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3 Easy Steps for a Beautiful Lawn – September Prep

Now that the temperatures are dropping, it is the ideal time for repairing, seeding & fertilizing your lawn to establish healthy grass that will endure the winter and thrive in the spring… and throughout next year’s summer.
It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Rake bare spots and add topdressing

If the soil is compacted, use a rake to loosen the surface.

Spreading a thin layer of Norwood’s famous #3 organic soil mix will provide a fertile topdressing for optimal seed growth.

Also, don’t forget to remove any rocks and fill in any dips with #3 soil mix.

Spread high-quality, weed free seed                           
Seed the prepared area using a spreader or by hand.

We only carry seed varieties that are recommended by the State of North Carolina (with 0% weed content).

We have many varieties available in 5, 25, 50 pound bags.

Add fertilizer, lime & cover with wheat straw

Add “new lawn starter” fertilizer” to establish strong seedlings with a healthy root system. Since NC soil tends to be acidic, add lime will improve the soil PH balance.

Finally, cover with wheat straw to protect the seedlings & retain moisture. Water to keep the soil moist until grass is established.


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