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Kim’s New Beehive – First Week Check Up

Kim checks up on the health of her new beehive after one week of taking delivery from Norwood Road Garden Center in Raleigh, NC.  Hmmmm, Kim – are you sure you haven’t done this before? Also, watch Kim learn about her new hive before she takes it home.

How to Introduce a New Queen Bee to a Beehive

At Norwood Road Garden in Raleigh NC, we offer ready-to-go beehives. See how we introduce a new Queen bee to a beehive. This process allows the hive to acclimate to the new Queen and her distinctive pheromones. If this procedure is not followed, the worker bees will see the new queen as an intruder and will kill […]

There is a Fungus Among Us

Fescue Fungus Season – Are You Ready? Prevent those nasty brown spots with a 1-2 Punch! Tall fescue is the most widely planted grass in NC due to its year-round green color. Unfortunately, it has one major weakness – its susceptibility to brown patch caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani. The high heat and humidity in June, July & August provide the perfect conditions for this […]

See the Inner Workings of a Beehive

See Kim learning about her new turnkey beehive from Norwood Road Garden in Raleigh, NC.  Watch to see the workings of an established hive including the queen, honey, worker bees, cell cleaning and more. Kim – Have fun with your new friends and enjoy the sweet rewards of beekeeping!

Annuals & Perennials Grown Right Here in Raleigh

Our Best Selection of Flowers Yet! Have you have ever wondered what we do in our 12 greenhouses? Well, we propagate & grow most of our own flowers and plants yearlong. The result? Healthy, pesticide-free plants that are not only beautiful, but contribute to our local economy by keeping our dedicated staff working all year. […]

NEW Apiary Concierge Service

NEW! Bees & Hives & Apiary Concierge Service As avid bee keepers, we want to share the joy of this fulfilling hobby and offer everything you need to start your own apiary – including education and mentoring from our master bee keepers, Jim Roberts (as in “Jimbo’s Honey“) and Steve Foxworth.  We sell complete hives and nucs. As your “Bee […]

Fall Lawn Seeding – Your Time is limited

Seed your lawn NOW! ……the clock is ticking Now that temperatures are dropping, it is the ideal time for seeding and repairing your lawn with tall fescue grass seed. Timing for seeding is limited, so read on Grass seed germinate best in soil that is above 60 degrees and the seedlings grow best in temperatures between 70-80 […]

Red Clay Soil… Arghhh

Tips on Conditioning Your Soil  Red clay is a North Carolina gardener’s nightmare.  It makes your soil hard when dry, and when wet it makes working in your garden a backbreaking, experience.  The worst part… your flowers & plants will not reach their full potential. So, what can you do? It will take some work, but you will […]

Make that Ugly Fence Beautiful

DIY Idea Does your neighbor have an ugly fence? Ask them if you can put up a trellis. Then grow Clematis, Climbing Roses, Mandevilla, etc. This project will run you about $150 in materials (excluding plants). Labor excluded.

A Perfect Summer Flower for the Upcoming Heat

Angelonia Native to Mexico and the West Indies, Angelonias have an outstanding tolerance for heat and humidity that makes this beauty perfect for gardeners in Raleigh. They grow into bushy plants with narrow, dark green foliage and spikes of attractive flowers in various colors, primarily shades of purple, pink and white.  Blooms well into the fall – extending […]

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