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New Arrival – Giant Leopard Plant!
Farfugium Japonicum ‘Giganteum’ 

This beauty features huge, thick, glossy leaves that are about 15″ across.

  • Sun to part sun
  • Plant grows 20″ tall
  • Blooms in October with yellow flowers on top 4 foot stalks
  • Likes moist, well-drained soil


New Arrival!
Beautiful Pottery & Bird Baths

Bird baths are more than a decorative drinking fountain for our feathered friends.

“Birds will come to your birdbath for the water they need — for drinking and for grooming. While they’re hanging around they will hunt for the insects and worms and seeds and flower parts they like to eat. In the process they will help aerate the soil, help groom dead plant material, and help keep plants healthy as they devour pests,” according to Mother Earth News.  For more interesting information,  read their full article “Birdbaths Are Good for the Garden.”

We just received a huge shipment of gorgeous pottery and bird baths that will add a colorful accent to your garden and patio. Stop in and check out our newest styles.

Locally Grown & Nurtured – It Makes a Difference!
The Best Annuals, Perennials & Vegetables in Raleigh

Norwood Road Garden propagates and grows many of our flowers and plants right here at our Raleigh nursery.  The result? Healthy, pesticide-free plants that are not only beautiful, but contribute to our local economy by keeping our dedicated staff working all year.

The fruit of our labor has paid off  again this year with a stunning selection of bloomers looking for new homes! Don’t know what to plant? Our expert staff will help you select the best plants for your garden’s unique environment (e.g., sun, soil, etc.)