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Japanese Beetles are Now Emerging – Then their Slugs!

From now to early July, adult Japanese beetle will begin their feast on about 300 species of plants – devouring leaves, flowers, and ripe fruit. They feed on the upper surface of foliage, chewing out tissue between the veins leaving leaves with a “skeleton” appearance. Since they are not native to North America, they have no natural predators.

If not treated, they will give you a double whammy. During June/July they will destroy your plants and trees – THEN lay eggs that will turn into root-eating GRUBS in the Fall. For more details on their lifecycle check out “A Grub’s Life” from Cornell University.

Eradicating these invaders requires the use of a spray or a root drench pesticide.  There are also non-chemical ways to battle the beetle. Stop in or call us for advice on prevention and treatment.


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