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Prevent Crabgrass & Weeds in March & Early April

Prevent Crabgrass & Weeds
Do you know what is hiding in your grass? Thousands of weed & crabgrass seeds just waiting to pop up and ruin your lawn. Well, there is something you can do about it – but you have to do it now before the weed seeds germinate and show their ugly faces all summer long.

The trick is to stop the weeds & crabgrass seeds from germinating by applying a “pre-emergent herbicide” to your lawn. We highly recommend using Dimension granular herbicide – available now at Norwood. It is easily applied with a spreader and is particularly effective on preventing new crabgrass. Once applied, you will not be able sow grass seeds for 12 weeks. Questions? Stop in or call us for advice for your lawn.

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