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Red Clay Soil… Arghhh

Tips on Conditioning Your Soil 

Red clay is a North Carolina gardener’s nightmare.  It makes your soil hard when dry, and when wet it makes working in your garden a backbreaking, experience.  The worst part… your flowers & plants will not reach their full potential.

So, what can you do? It will take some work, but you will be rewarded for years to come… and your plants will stop screaming for help.

  1. Add organic matter to the soil (manure, compost, ground mulch, etc.).
  2. Turn in the organic matter at least six inches – 12 inches if you are up for a good workout. Or, hire a student looking for summer work.
  3. DON’T add peat – it retains water (as clay does) and may result in too much water for your plants.
  4. Sand is also a no-no. It can mix with the clay and make your soil even harder – like concrete!

If your garden is already planted and turning the soil is not an option, add organic matter on top of the soiland let the worms do the turning for you.

Norwood Road Garden Center makes a special blend of aged organic compost & dark, rich soil we call “#3.” Customers swear by it. If you want to see its potential, read what a customer had to say about her results with #3 (including photo) on our Facebook page.

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