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The Dirty Truth

Soil has been a hot topic at Norwood Road Garden. September rolls around and customers turn their attentions to aerating, seeding and fertilizing their yards.  Good grass starts with good soil, it is necessary for the seed to establish good roots to absorb nutrients that will be stored for the fall and winter months. The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services notes in its publication, Soil Sampling for Home Lawns and Gardens, that mid-August through mid-September is the best time  for homeowners with cool grass lawns such as fescue to conduct soil tests. Results from soil tests provide homeowners with nutrient analysis, allowing homeowners to amend their soil to optimize grass and plant growth in their yards. When you know your nutrient content, you can understand how much and what kind of fertilizer is best for your grass or whether you need to add vital nutrients such as lime to alter the pH of your existing soil. At Norwood Road Garden we have soil test kits with instructions.Soil tests are free until November 28th, and results are posted within one week of arriving at the lab. Once you receive your results, you will find fertilizers,  lime and other soil amendments to boost your lawn’s growing capacity right here at Norwood Road Garden.

“Is there a short cut to a beautiful lawn?”, You ask. As a matter of fact there is. At Norwood Road Garden, we offer top quality, nutrient rich, organic topsoil. Mixed on site with beautiful compost, our #3 soil plus compost mix is preferred by our customers for its ability to grow grass and plants in yards and flower beds. Sold by the cubic yard, our #3 soil plus compost mix can be delivered to your home to be spread and ready for your grass seeds to be sown or sod laid. At Norwood Road Garden, we carry quality fescue grass seed and fescue sod (for an “instant yard”!) with varieties that cater to sunny and shady property. Come in today and let the staff at Norwood Road Garden assist you with all of your turf needs!

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