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The Heat is On – Save your plants!

Tips to help your garden survive hot weather

As the temperatures climb, your plants need extra attention to survive the heat. Heat stress can cause plants to wither to drop leaves – especially trees. Here’s a few things you can do (and NOT do):

  1. Mulch! It helps reduce the soil temperature and retain moisture
  2. Water your container plants everyday – no exceptions!
  3. Add HydroStretch crystals to containers & hanging baskets to keep your plants hydrated with with less watering
  4. Do not water during the day – water in early morning or in the evening
  5. Select heat-tolerant plants (duh).  Angelonia is a one of our favorites!
  6. Plant more heat-sensitive plants in areas with some shade in the afternoon
  7. Do not move/transplant in the high heat. Wait until Fall (September-November) so they can get established
  8. If you must use pesticides, spray in the early morning or evening
  9. Avoid fertilizing in the heat – it could cause root burn. Or, use a natural fertilizer such as aged manure or compost. However, some people might say this is BS 🙂
  10. Get a rain barrel so you water more often. This will help protect our natural water sources – and will let you water during “no water times” set by your community. You can pick one up at Norwood Road Garden for only $65

Stop in, email us or give us a call if you have a special situation or need more advice. We are here to help!

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