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There is a Fungus Among Us

Fescue Fungus Season – Are You Ready?

Prevent those nasty brown spots with a 1-2 Punch!

Tall fescue is the most widely planted grass in NC due to its year-round green color. Unfortunately, it has one major weakness – its susceptibility to brown patch caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani.

The high heat and humidity in JuneJuly & August provide the perfect conditions for this fungus to grow & spread. So, protect & treat your lawn with a 1-2 Punch!

  1. Prevent/Maintain – Applying a granular fungicide NOW (“F-Stop”) will help treat/prevent fungus disease for 4 weeks.
  2. Spot Treat – Spot treat any problem areas with a systemic liquid fungicide if brown patch presents itself.
Norwood Road Garden Center carries a wide variety of fungicides to choose from. Stop in and one of our experts will help you choose the product(s) that best fit your lawn’s needs.

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